InstanceProducer Methods

Simple Injector

The InstanceProducer type exposes the following members.


Public methodBuildExpression
Builds an expression that expresses the intent to get an instance by the current producer. A call to this method locks the container. No new registrations can't be made after a call to this method.
Public methodStatic memberFromExpression
Creates a new InstanceProducer based on the given serviceType and expression where the expression will be used as-is; no interception (using ExpressionBuilt) such as decorators will be applied.
Public methodGetInstance
Produces an instance.
Public methodGetRelationships
Gets the collection of relationships for this instance that the container knows about. This includes relationships between the registered type and its dependencies and relationships between applied decorators and their dependencies. Note that types that are not newed up by the container and properties that are injected inside a custom delegate that is registered using the RegisterInitializer method are unknown to the container and are not returned from this method. Also note that this method will return an empty collection when called before the registered type is requested from the container (or before Verify is called).
Public methodVisualizeObjectGraph
Builds a string representation of the object graph with the current instance as root of the graph.
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