SimpleInjectorAspNetCoreMvcIntegrationExtensions Methods

Simple Injector

The SimpleInjectorAspNetCoreMvcIntegrationExtensions type exposes the following members.


Public methodStatic memberAddSimpleInjectorTagHelperActivation
Registers a custom SimpleInjectorTagHelperActivator that allows the resolval of tag helpers using the container. In case no applicationTypeSelector is supplied, the custom tag helper activator will forward the creation of tag helpers that are not located in a "Microsoft*" namespace to Simple Injector.
Public methodStatic memberRegisterMvcControllers
Registers the ASP.NET Core MVC controller instances that are defined in the application through the ApplicationPartManager.
Public methodStatic memberRegisterMvcViewComponents(Container, IApplicationBuilder)
Registers the ASP.NET Core MVC view component instances that are defined in the application.
Public methodStatic memberRegisterMvcViewComponents(Container, IViewComponentDescriptorProvider)
Registers the ASP.NET view component types using the supplied viewComponentDescriptorProvider.
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