SimpleInjector.Integration.WebApi Namespace

Simple Injector
The SimpleInjector.Integration.WebApi namespace is part of the SimpleInjector.Integration.WebApi.dll and contains functionality for integrating Simple Injector with ASP.NET Web API web applications.

Public classCode exampleSimpleInjectorWebApiDependencyResolver
Simple Injector IDependencyResolver implementation.
Public classCode exampleWebApiRequestLifestyle Obsolete.
Defines a lifestyle that caches instances during the execution of a single ASP.NET Web API Request. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, instances created by this lifestyle will be disposed at the end of the Web API request. Do note that this lifestyle requires the SimpleInjectorWebApiDependencyResolver to be registered in the Web API configuration.

Public enumerationDependencyResolverScopeOption
Provides additional options for creating the SimpleInjectorWebApiDependencyResolver.