InstanceProducer Properties

Simple Injector

The InstanceProducer type exposes the following members.


Public propertyCode exampleImplementationType
Gets the originally registered implementation type. Note that the actual type, returned by GetInstance, will be different from ImplementationType when decorators or interceptors are applied. This property will always return the originally registered implementation type. In case the implementation type is unknown, which happens for instance when registering FuncTResult delegates, the service type is returned.
Public propertyLifestyle
Gets the Lifestyle for this registration. The returned lifestyle can differ from the lifestyle that is used during the registration. This can happen for instance when the registration is changed by an ExpressionBuilt registration or gets decorated.
Public propertyRegistration
Gets the Registration instance for this instance. Please note that, when decorators are applied, this instance is replaces and will become the registration for the outermost decorator.
Public propertyServiceType
Gets the service type for which this producer produces instances.
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