ContainerRegisteredServiceDiagnosticResult Class

Simple Injector
Diagnostic result for a warning about a concrete type that was not registered explicitly and was not resolved using unregistered type resolution, but was created by the container using the transient lifestyle. For more information, see:
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Namespace:  SimpleInjector.Diagnostics
Assembly:  SimpleInjector (in SimpleInjector.dll) Version: 5.3.0

public class ContainerRegisteredServiceDiagnosticResult : DiagnosticResult

The ContainerRegisteredServiceDiagnosticResult type exposes the following members.


Public propertyDescription
Gets the description of the diagnostic result.
(Inherited from DiagnosticResult.)
Public propertyDiagnosticType
Gets the diagnostic type of this result.
(Inherited from DiagnosticResult.)
Public propertyDocumentationUrl
Gets the documentation URL of the diagnostic result.
(Inherited from DiagnosticResult.)
Public propertyGroup
Gets the hierarchical group to which this diagnostic result belongs.
(Inherited from DiagnosticResult.)
Public propertyRelationships
Gets a collection of KnownRelationship instances that describe all container-registered dependencies for the given component.
Public propertyServiceType
Gets the service type to which this warning is related.
(Inherited from DiagnosticResult.)
Public propertySeverity
Gets the severity of this result.
(Inherited from DiagnosticResult.)
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