ContainerRegisterConditional Method (Type, Type, PredicatePredicateContext)

Simple Injector
Conditionally registers that a new instance of implementationType will be returned every time a serviceType is requested (transient) and where the supplied predicate returns true. The predicate will only be evaluated a finite number of times; the predicate is unsuited for making decisions based on runtime conditions.

Namespace:  SimpleInjector
Assembly:  SimpleInjector (in SimpleInjector.dll) Version: 5.3.0

public void RegisterConditional(
	Type serviceType,
	Type implementationType,
	Predicate<PredicateContext> predicate


Type: SystemType
The base type or interface to register. This can be an open-generic type.
Type: SystemType
The actual type that will be returned when requested.
Type: SystemPredicatePredicateContext
The predicate that determines whether the implementationType can be applied for the requested service type. This predicate can be used to build a fallback mechanism where multiple registrations for the same service type are made. Note that the predicate will be called a finite number of times and its result will be cached for the lifetime of the container. It can't be used for selecting a type based on runtime conditions.

ArgumentNullExceptionThrown when one of the arguments is a null reference.
InvalidOperationException Thrown when this container instance is locked and can not be altered.

This method uses the container's LifestyleSelectionBehavior to select the exact lifestyle for the specified type. By default this will be Transient.
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