Container Class

Simple Injector
The container. Create an instance of this type for registration of dependencies.
Common Container methods specific for the full .NET version of Simple Injector.
Methods for batch registration.
Methods for registration of collections.
Methods for conditional registrations.
Methods for registration.
Methods for registration of decorators.
Methods for resolving instances.
Methods for verifying the container.
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Namespace:  SimpleInjector
Assemblies:   SimpleInjector.Integration.AspNetCore.Mvc.Core (in SimpleInjector.Integration.AspNetCore.Mvc.Core.dll) Version: 4.1.0-alpha1
  SimpleInjector (in SimpleInjector.dll) Version: 4.4.0

public class Container

Thread-safety: Resolving instances can be done safely from multiple threads concurrently, but registration needs to be done from one single thread.

It is therefore safe to call GetInstance(Type), GetAllInstances(Type), GetService, GetRegistration(Type) and GetCurrentRegistrations and anything related to resolving instances from multiple thread concurrently. It is however unsafe to call RegisterXXX, ExpressionBuilding, ExpressionBuilt, ResolveUnregisteredType, AddRegistration(Type, Registration) or anything related to registering from multiple threads concurrently.

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